Roller Compacted Concrete (rcc) at the port of long beach california

Roller compacted concrete placed in 2014 at the Port of Long Beach, California

Paving the Way with Roller Compacted Concrete

RCC is similar to conventional concrete in that it is composed of the same elements; aggregates, cement and water, but it is a much drier mixture. Convenient to put in place, RCC can be placed with typical high-density asphalt paving equipment. It is widely used today in industrial applications and is gaining acceptance as a cost-effective paving material for roadways and parking lots. RCC can be constructed more quickly and cost-effectively than conventional Portland cement concrete and multiple-lift asphalt pavements

Benefits of Using Roller Compacted Concrete

Saves time and money for pavements by providing much longer design life with reduced maintenance.

Due to the light surface color of RCC pavements, lighting requirements for parking and storage areas are reduced.

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