• Concrete Highways

    Concrete Highways

    The concrete in this stretch of the I- 10 in Southern California was placed in 1947, additional lanes were added in 1967. Today, this interstate continues to carry more than 200,000 vehicles a day. Is 70 years a good return on investment for California drivers? You bet it is! More…
  • Historic Concrete

    Historic Concrete

    CNCA has completed a research report on the historic concrete streets in California. Learn more about these incredibly sustainable and resilient pavements. More >
  • Big Concrete

    Big Concrete

    A Los Angeles project laying the foundation for the tallest building west of the Mississippi broke the world record for the largest continuous concrete pour, as verified by a Guinness World Records adjudicator. MORE…
  • Cellular Concrete

    Cellular Concrete

    Oakland 12th Street Project at Lake Merritt. Over 75,000 cubic yards of light-weight cellular concrete were used as a backfill substitute for earth fill. The use of cellular concrete allowed the engineers to reduce the construction schedule by six months.
  • Concrete Bridges

    Concrete Bridges

    Built in 1932, the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur is a testament to the beauty and longevity of concrete. The reinforced concrete open-spandrel arch bridge gracefully spans Bixby Creek and is a gem of this beautiful stretch of California State Highway 1.

Welcome to California Nevada Cement Association (CNCA)

The CNCA is committed to developing sustainable and economical construction solutions for California and Nevada with an emphasis on the use of cement and concrete.
We serve these states as a non-profit association that provides expert technical leadership, research, and educational opportunities designed to responsibly transform our built environment and improve the lives of the people throughout the region.
Cement is a unique construction material with unparalleled characteristics that brings structure and stability to our built environment. Cement, used in the production of concrete creates a construction material with unmatched strength, durability, longevity and as a result of these features, it brings enduring value to the builders and owners of assets built with concrete. Cement solidifies our future and allows us to build the homes, bridges, highways, waterways and countless other items, that the people of California and Nevada depend on every day.
We specialize in providing technical leadership for concrete highways, roads, bridges, parking lots, buildings, foundations, as well as concrete pavers, pervious concrete, roller compacted concrete, concrete overlays and concrete pavement restoration. We also have technical expertise in pavement recycling, full-depth reclamation, soil cementcement modified soil, cement treated base, lightweight cellular concrete, solidification, and brownfield remediation.
Through our alliances with the regional engineering community, state & local agencies, and national groups like the MIT CSHub, NRMCA, and PCA we facilitate increased recognition of best-in-class solutions for our sustainable infrastructure.
To learn more about our services or to receive expert advice for your project, please contact us.