We have a Mission

The CNCA is committed to developing sustainable and economical construction solutions for California and Nevada with an emphasis on the use of cement and concrete. We serve these states as a non-profit association that provides expert technical leadership, research, and educational opportunities designed to responsibly transform our built environment and improve the lives of the people throughout the region.

We Provide Cement Expertise

CNCA_ParkingLot_Tulare Library 4Concrete Paving SolutionsWe specialize in providing technical leadership for concrete highways, roads, bridges, parking lots, buildings, foundations, as well as concrete paverspervious concrete, roller compacted concrete, concrete overlays and concrete pavement restoration.
CNCA_FDR_DSCN3218_2Geotechnical SolutionsWe also have advanced technical expertise in pavement recycling, full-depth reclamation, soil cementcement modified soil, cement treated base, lightweight cellular concrete, solidification, and brownfield remediation.

Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

CNCA_cement_sustainable_eco_2The CNCA is uniquely positioned to foster the sustainable development of our homes, buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

At the CNCA, we believe that the built environment must be sustainable and firmly rooted in a sensible balance of social, economic, and environmental considerations. For the infrastructures of California and Nevada to be sustainable, they must be constructed with materials that perform well today and don’t compromise sustainability for our future generations. Concrete uniquely delivers on this objective. It is widely available, economical, versatile, durable, long-lasting, and produced locally.

Service Excellence

The CNCA provides world-class technical leadership for concrete and cement applications to municipalities, engineers, contractors, and building owners throughout California and Nevada. In addition, through our alliances with the regional engineering community, state & local agencies, and national groups like the MIT CSHub, NRMCA, and PCA we facilitate increased recognition of best-in-class solutions for our sustainable infrastructure.

Spirit of Innovation and Discovery

We are passionate to discover timely solutions to the complex construction problems that will enrich the lives of people throughout our communities.

As citizens of California and Nevada, we are optimistic about our future and eager to provide the leadership to innovate our built environment. Though cement and concrete have ancient roots in history, the CNCA is a resource for learning about cutting edge advances in materials and applications that continue to push the boundaries of materials and new applications. We find inspiration from the history of concrete in our region and hold a strong belief that further innovation will improve our lives.

Commitment to Bring Enduring Value to Communities

The CNCA is committed to providing enduring, long lasting, and resilient solutions that stand the test of time and fulfill the needs of the 40 million people in communities throughout California and Nevada.

We’re Here for You

As a non-profit association, we look forward to supporting your projects whether they’re big or small. Please don’t wait, contact us today.