Brownfield Remediation

The San Francisco Bay Water Board has been involved in Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment for over 10 years

Solidifying and Stabilizing Impacted Soil For Beneficial Reuse and Redevelopment

Solidification/Stabilization (S/S) treatment involves mixing portland cement into contaminant-impacted material such as soil, sediment, or industrial waste. The treatment can be done while the material remains in-place (insitu) or on previously excavated material (exsitu). S/S treatment contributes to sustainability of the built environment.   Former industrial sites- “Brownfield”properties can be redeveloped by treating impacted soil insitu; saving excavation and transport cost and conserving landfill capacity. Exsitu-treated impacted soil or sediment can be beneficially reused as an engineered fill, saving costs and conserving other fill materials.

S/S protects human health and the environment by immobilizing hazardous constituents within the treated material.   S/S treatment has a proven record for treatment of contaminants at our nation’s worst contaminated sites. Over 20% of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund source control remedies have used S/S. EPA considers S/S as Best Demonstrated Available Technology (BDAT) for treatment of over 50 RCRA-listed industrial hazardous wastes.

Benefits of Using Solidification – Stabilization

Reduces environmental and health hazards by eliminating the excavation, exposure, and transporting of contaminated soil to hazardous material landfills.
Significantly reduced trucking and energy required to redevelop brownfield sites by treating hazardous materials in-situ.

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