soil mixing

Used in road construction as a subbase, soil cement conserves both energy and materials by allowing for thinner sections versus granular base and by use of in-place (native) soil

The Shallow Soil Cement Solution for Soil Improvement

Shallow soil cement stabilization refers to shallow applications of soil cement like levee roads, bike paths, river revetments, and pond linings. Waste water treatment plant sludge ponds are a common soil cement lined features in CA and NV.  Lake Cahuilla in La Quinta, CA was lined with soil cement after the unlined lake soaked into the ground quickly. Road reclaimers or pugmills are the most common equipment used for mixing.

Benefits of Using Shallow Soil Cement / Stabilization

Soil Cement revetments along rivers and flood channels mitigate erosion that is known to destroy infrastructure and land resources, thus preventing expensive losses.
Soil Cement stabilization saves time and money by providing an all-weather working surface on construction sites that become unworkable due to wet conditions.

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