Pervious Concrete

Kaiser Permanente – Fontana Medical Center in Fontana California – 150,000 sf. of pervious concrete pavement for parking area.

For free expert assistance with pavement design please contact our pavement engineers Clay Slocum (Northern CA/NV) or Nathan Forrest (Southern CA/NV).

Pervious Concrete Photos
The Pervious Concrete Solution

Stormwater management is simplified with pervious concrete pavement. By making the mix design of pervious concrete so that it contains more voids, thousands of gallons of water can pass through a properly designed pervious concrete pavement. It is ideal for use in parking lots, paths and walkways, streets, roads and alleyways. Puddles can be eliminated and underground water aquifers can be recharged with durable, long-lasting pervious concrete. Recognized by the EPA as a Best Management Practice (BMP) and mandated by many state and local regulations, pervious concrete is the material of choice for building sustainable communities.

Benefits of Using Pervious Concrete

Reduces the need for large detention ponds because the pavement base acts as the detention area and lowers the demand on storm sewer systems
Prevents heavily polluted stormwater runoff from flowing directly into oceans, lakes, rivers and streams
Allows for recharging of fresh water sources and underground aquifers naturally

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