Full Depth Reclamation in Westminster, CA

Full Depth Reclamation with cement has been used in Westminster, CA since 1990

Pavement Recycling Photos

Full Depth Reclamation of Pavements

Pavement Recycling and Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) is a process that utilizes asphalt from deteriorated roads and mixes it with cement to create a stable solid base for resurfacing. This process recycles worn out pavements, pulverizes them, recombines the crushed asphalt with cement and water and then compacts the mixture to the desired consistency providing a stronger more uniform base. Both FDR and Cement Treated Base (CTB) extend the life of pavements by distributing traffic loads over a larger area, reducing deflection and fatigue.

FDR with cement has saved agencies 30% to 50% of their pavement costs vs. remove and replace methods. Cement is used to stabilize pulverized asphalt and base/native soil.  Each truck load of cement replaces up to 40 truck loads of old and new material. CTB provides similar benefits where better material gradation is needed.  Both have been successful in California and Nevada.

Benefits of Using Pavement Recycling

FDR saves time, money, and resources by recycling the existing aggregate base and asphalt pavement.
FDR reduces traffic, noise, and community disruption by eliminating up to 40 truck loads of material shipping with each truck load of cement.

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