Olympic Blvd Concrete Street in LA

Built with concrete in 1939, Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles is continuing to hold up very well – virtually maintenance free for 75 years!

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The Concrete Solution for Streets and Roads

The fast, safe and reliable transportation of people and goods is dependent on durable, low maintenance streets and roads. Concrete pavements consistently perform well and most often have the lowest life cycle cost because they require less maintenance. In addition, concrete streets and roads have a long history of exceptional environmental performance.

Benefits of Using Concrete for Streets and Roads

Vehicles traveling on concrete streets use less fuel because the rolling resistance is much lower than on other paving materials.
Concrete streets also are naturally light-reflective which reduces lighting requirements saving energy and providing a safer nighttime environment.

Documents and Resources

  • CP Tech Center Guide to Concrete Preservation Click here
  • Pavement Designer is a free web-based pavement design tool for streets, local roads, parking lots, and intermodal/industrial facilities. Click here for details.