Deep Soil Cement Mixing

Deep soil mixing at the Calaveras Dam Replacement project in Northern California.

Using Cement Deep Soil Mixing (CDSM) to Strengthen Soil

Cement Deep Soil Mixing (CDSM) involves creating soil cement columns, walls, and grids insitu as deep as 120 feet or more. The method may also be called- Deep Mixing Method (DMM) or Deep Soil Mixing (DSM). CDSM uses include: (a) liquefaction mitigation under dams, levees, ports, hospitals and other critical infrastructure, (b) improvement of bearing capacity of marginal strength soil to support infrastructure, (c) reducing settlement, (d) excavation support, and (e) control of groundwater by reducing hydraulic conductivity (permeability) of treated soil. CDSM often performs several of these functions at once.

Benefits of Using Cement Deep Soil Mixing
Mitigates seismic liquefaction as deep as 140 feet.
Remedies structural problems associated with poor soil conditions allowing dams, levees, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure to be built on otherwise unsuitable sites.
Allows excavation support and groundwater or pollution cutoff walls in close proximity to existing buildings and infrastructure

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