Sepulveda Widening Project, Culver City – Southern California APWA Project of the Year Award 2012

Sepulveda Widening Project, Culver City – Southern California APWA Project of the Year Award 2012

By City of Culver City

The Sepulveda Boulevard Widening Project was selected to receive a 2012 Project of the Year Award from the Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA). This award recognizes public agencies for outstanding capital improvement projects and public works programs.

Project Cost: $6 Million Year Completed: 2011

The Sepulveda Boulevard corridor is a Principal Arterial in the City. Within the project limits, there were three (3) travel lanes northbound and two (2) travel lanes southbound between Playa Street/Jefferson Boulevard and Green Valley Circle. This project provides three (3) continuous lanes in the south bound direction. The project is funded by Los Angeles County MTA grant and city’s developer mitigation funds.

The construction work included utility relocation, street widening, landscape median modification, traffic signal modification, red light enforcement camera relocation, and roadway reconstruction. In addition, Sepulveda Boulevard from Sawtelle Boulevard to Playa Street/Jefferson Boulevard has been re-striped to add allow a third southbound lane during peak traffic hours (pending approval from Business owners).

About 11 inches of pavement was constructed with durable and environmental friendly Portland Cement Concrete. 8200 cubic yard of concrete was placed.

  • Decorative concrete paver crosswalks were installed at Jefferson/Playa intersection and at Green Valley intersection.
  • ADA complaint curb ramps and pedestrian push buttons at signalized intersections were installed.
  • Street lighting were upgraded to energy efficient induction luminaires.
  • Vehicle detection cameras were installed instead of the conventional in-pavement loop system.
  • The existing Southern California Edison transmission power poles will be relocated to accommodate the street widening in 2012.

In June 2008, the City Council approved a Professional Services Agreement with Willdan Engineering to provide engineering design services for project. The City Council subsequently awarded the construction contract to Shawnan and construction management services to Willdan Engineering in April 2011. The street became fully open to traffic in late November 2011.

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