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Segmental paving dates back to the Roman Empire. Today’s version is made of precast, high-strength concrete paving units. This brochure provides examples among hundreds of municipalities who have used millions of square feet (m2) of segmental concrete pavers as interlocking concrete pavement (ICP) or permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP). Unlike monolithic pavements, concrete pavers are manufactured with specialized equipment in factories that make paving units with close tolerances meeting national specifications. A controlled production environment results in consistent quality and high durability products delivered to the job site. A high level of quality control enables concrete pavers to meet engineering requirements while enhancing the appearance of public and private projects. Like monolithic pavements, design of ICP and PICP considers the subgrade soils, environment, anticipated traffic and paving materials. Rectangular or dentated shapes are placed in interlocking patterns that provide additional strength and stability under vehicular traffic. Applies to: