ACPA National Meeting in San Diego – November 28-30, 2017

ACPA National Meeting in San Diego – November 28-30, 2017

ACPA’s 54th Annual Meeting in San Diego

Join the leaders in concrete pavement from across the U.S. for a dynamic program featuring networking opportunities and top notch speakers at the Concrete Pavement University on November 30.

In June, with Chuck Niederriter (Vice Chair), Jerry Voigt and Leif Wathne, I had the privilege of attending in Washington, DC President Trump’s address at the end of Infrastructure Week. In his speech he proclaimed that “We will pour new concrete” and “American workers will construct gleaming new lanes of commerce across our landscape.” It was exciting, it was motivational, and it was the first time in years that we heard such a commitment to infrastructure investment.

Picking up on the President’s comments, our theme for the 54th Annual Meeting is Paving Gleaming New Lanes of Concrete. It echoes a new vision for the future of our industry bolstered by a renewed commitment to a long-term and permanent investment in our infrastructure!…. [read more]